Reunion 1989

We gathered together, ten years had passed.
Dancing, laughing... oh! if the night could last
Memories almost forgotten were suddenly brand new
Refound friendships with people who were true
The pain of youth erased from our faces
History of our lives touched by people and places
We were able to talk of experiences shared
A feat ten years ago we might not had dared
Although class of seventy-nine our night came and went
together we shared the memory of a special event
There is one last thing that we'd like to do
That is simply to say; we thank you.......

Lisa, Mark, Sharon, and Cara


Our Committee

Pictured from Left to Right:
Cara Smith, Lisa de los Reyes, Mark Freitas, Sharon Workman Thompson



1. Mr. & Mrs. Chris LaCaze and daughters
2. Bob & Susan Cravello (MCHS 81) Bradburn
3. Mike Silva and friend at Top Gun-1986
4. Diana Meier
5. Mr. & Mrs. Mike Silva and daughter
6. Tom Dougher and daughters